Our employees and the standards to which they adhere help build trust and long lasting relationships with our clients. From start to finish, our customers know who they’re working with.

Every job begins with our Project Managers, who estimate and manage the job and supervise all paperwork and billing.

All of our painters serve full apprenticeships to ensure professionalism and expertise. They will be courteous and conscientious every day, on every job.

We are proud to provide an opportunity for our painters to build a lifetime career with us. A number of our painters, many of whom had fathers who painted for us, stay with us for their entire working career. When we hire new painters, we are looking for skilled, highly considerate individuals who share our sense of integrity and a pride in a job well done.

If you’re looking for a career that leaves you proud at the end of the day of the work you’ve done, National Decorating Service might be the place for you. Apply online today.

For further questions regarding employment, email jobs@nationaldecoratingservice.com.

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